Best Respironics DreamStation Auto BiPAP Machine With Humidifier

Is a breathing disorder affecting your health condition? Or are you struggling with sleep disorders? Find the most effective treatment for your sleep apnea by purchasing an Auto BiPAP Machine from WERSIY GLOBAL. This machine has a feature like separate air pressure settings for inhalation and exhalation.

Sleep apnea is a major concern, so you must buy this product only from a reputable brand. Our experts have created this BiPAP Auto Machine, considering the needs of different individuals. So, before you decide whether to buy this product, you must first understand how it works, its specifications, features, and things you must consider before buying one.

How Does It Work?

Our bi-level machine works by delivering one distinct high pressure on inhaling and a separate lower pressure on exhaling. The machine has an automatic adjusting feature that allows it to adjust at night.

Our device includes a heated humidifier, heated or unheated hose, carry case, and power supply. The whole kit is designed perfectly for traveling purposes with durable components. This machine has been designed to suit modern patient needs. Its high-pressure providing feature assists patients sleep well.

The reasons that make this machine lead the league of BiPAP machines include:

  • It comes with auto-adjusting pressure.
  • This machine is automatic and possesses a user-friendly feature.
  • It is designed perfectly to be comfortable and convenient to use.
  • New Respironics DreamStation BiPAP Auto Machine has an advanced data tracking and integration feature.

Specification of BiPAP Auto Machine:

  • Graphic interface with light sensor: This device is quite simple to use as it is made using the feedback of many doctors and patients. It comes with labels, menus, and icons that are bright and easy to follow.
  • Adjustable as per your sleeping needs: Our machine monitors your breathing flow and adjusts accordingly. Through it, you will be able to get a successful and comfortable sleep.
  • Cutting-edge features and pressure relief: BiPAP machine’s advanced features boost the conventional positive therapy of airway pressure to enhance comfort and gain compliance. It transitions between exhalation and inhalation to offer the right amount of pressure.
  • Modern and sleek design with a color display: Our DreamStation BiPAP machine is an amazing alternative to those traditional large machines. It is quite light and small with a modern design. Anyone with basic knowledge can use it, which can be carried easily inside a travel bag.                                  

Features And Benefits Of Our Auto BiPAP Machine

So, you now know how a BiPAP machine works and what different specifications it possesses. Next, let’s see the features and benefits of this device.

User-Friendly With An Auto-Adjusting Pressure Feature


Our BiPAP auto machine is made for every user, making it easy to use. Furthermore, it comes with an auto-adjusting feature. Having that top-quality unheated hose makes it easily maintain an adequate temperature. Our machine is made following the patient’s needs and can adjust itself at night.

Smart Display With Simplified Function


Since our device comes with a user-friendly display, its various features are easily understandable with basic knowledge. This sleeping device has a rotatable button and a smart display for controlling menus. We also give you a feature to control the humidity and temperature of this device. Moreover, you can connect with your Bluetooth device since it also comes with one. 

Easily Cleanable


As cleaning this device is essential, we have made it that way. Hence, you only have to open the upper panel, which will allow you to clean all the dust inside or on the sides of the device. You can see a smart power button on this device which will show the device’s working on the LED display. Furthermore, the outside components help maintain the humidity level, which is only possible because of its filtering feature that eliminates the toxic air elements.

Easy To Access Wherever You Are


The front-facing of this device can be accessed easily while sitting or lying on the bed. This device’s advanced data-tracking system feature will help you track your sleep time in real-time. So, if you are seeking proper sleep therapy, this device is something you need to bring to your home. 

Fast Charging And Multiple Features


You can find An 80w charger inside the bag, which supports the fastest charging. You can sleep comfortably with one full charge. Moreover, a high-quality charging cord and the switch also come under the kit. The machine’s cable is durable and lasts two times longer than ordinary charging cables.

8 Things to Consider When Purchasing The Best Auto BiPAP Machine

Though BiPAP machines can be useful purchases, buying one can be stressful. You might need clarification about which one you should buy or which one will stand for your purpose. Make sure to consider all these aspects while purchasing the device.

Don’t Forget To Mind Your Doctor’s Recommendations

BiPAP is medical therapy; doctors’ prescriptions and recommendations are extremely important. Their guidance will guide you toward which one is apt for your current condition. So. If you have questions like which BiPAP machines you should buy and what their features should be, make sure to take the doctor’s recommendations first. Also, a few BiPAP Machines, like the New Respironics DreamStation BiPAP Auto Machine, are among doctors’ most highly recommended ones.

Climate Control

A climate control feature is essential to minimize some of the side effects of the BiPAP machine. Humidifiers add up to the prevention of pressurized air. Thus, if you choose the machine without a humidifier, you need to purchase a heating tube as a separate accessory. These tubes warm the air and make the machine more comfortable while improving its ability to stay humidified.

Sound Level Of The Machine

Nowadays, various models are available which are considered whisper quiet. So, when you purchase it, ensure its range is from 25 to 30 dB.

Pressure Range

BiPAP generally has a pressure range of 4 to 25 cm H2O. A doctor always advises buying one of the best pressure settings for your treatment.

Ramp Options

Pap treatment is given when the person is asleep. When you use a BiPAP machine, you might feel uncomfortable while trying to fall asleep. A ramp set has been employed in the BiPAP machine to ease this. This setting will increase the air pressure over a set period. Thus, you can get enough sleep until the machine reaches its final pressure setting.

Data Tracking

Date tracking is used for two purposes by BiPAP users. It allows the healthcare team to check the effectiveness of your treatment. Insurance providers get proof that you are adhering to the treatment as well.

Warranty Of The Machine

The warranty covers the manufacturing defects and other flaws of the machines. So, double-check the warranty’s fine print before purchasing an Auto BiPAP Machine. Best warranties will provide you with an immediate replacement. Please note that most BiPAP machines come with a warranty period of 2 years. Still, some manufacturers back their product up with a product for a warranty of 3 to 5 years. 

Above all, we have described all the important things you can consider while purchasing a BiPAP machine.

What Is The Auto Bipap Machine Price?

BiPAP’s price ranges between $800 and $3,000. Since it is used for medical treatment, don’t purchase the one that comes at a low price but doesn’t fit your needs suitably. Always go towards quality for your personal needs, irrespective of the price. A less-suitable model which is less expensive might not stand for your purpose.

How Can You Buy A Well-Suited BiPAP Machine At The Best Price?

Knowing the importance and all the aspects of purchase now come with how and where to buy a suitable BiPAP machine. Well, first of all, make sure to consider all the above points and then follow these four stages to buy a BiPAP machine for your needs.

  • First, receive a prescription from your doctor.
  • Choose a retailer and provide your doctor’s recommendations/descriptions to the retailer.
  • Finally, make your purchase.

Note: While purchasing, always keep in mind to consider things like insurance coverage or whether you want BiPAP accessories or not.


BiPAP machines can be the best choice for patients, doctors, hospitals, and clinics. Still, the best depends on your needs and doctor’s prescriptions/recommendations. Hope the above points can prove worthy in making a good Auto BiPAP Machine purchase.

Want to buy a quality and appropriate BiPAP machine? You can visit Wersiy Global Supplies. Here, you can find the product based on the sleep study the doctor has provided. All our products are genuine and come at the best price. Give us a call at (301) 364-2821 If you want to purchase the device. We will provide you with all details and information you want to gather. Else, you can write to us at

Frequently Asked Questions

BiPAP therapy is used to facilitate breathing. The machine comes in size just like that of a lunchbox. And the process involves treating sleep apnea with the assistance of a device, BiPAP. Patients with diseases such as Asthma, COPD, OSA, and Hypoventilation in the postoperative would benefit from this small breathing device.

The components of this lunchbox-size device are a face mask, nasal mask, nasal plug, a motor, and tubing connecting the device to the mask.

The BiPAP machine drives air into the lungs and assists in maintaining a consistent breathing pattern. The machine works for the person dealing with breathing issues. When a person’s normal breathing process gets obstructed, this device is recommended by doctors. It pushes pressurized air into the lungs and works wonders for people struggling with breathing issues.

CPAP machines deliver air only at a specific pressure. Still, when it comes to BiPAP, the device delivers two different values of air pressure, a) one for inhaling and b) the other for exhaling. BiPAP machines are also automatic, in which the air pressure is adjusted automatically.

The BiPAP machine has a motor that blows pressurized air through the tube, and the air enters the patient’s lungs through the mask. This leads to the expansion of the lungs, which results in easy oxygen inhalation and carbon dioxide exhalation.

When it comes to the use of a BiPAP device, make sure to follow the doctor’s instructions carefully. The doctor advises on how and when to use a BiPAP machine.

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