The Best Stainless-Steel Tongs With Plastic Tips To Invest In

Cooking becomes easy when you have great kitchen tools with yourself. Touching the hot utensils with a bare hand during the cooking process can be dangerous. Kitchen tongs of stainless steel provide the next level of safety. These tongs for the kitchen act as an extension of your hand that allows you to cook and serve food. So, if you don’t have good stainless steel tongs, then it’s time to consider one for your kitchen. Selecting the best one from different models of tongs can take time and effort. We researched and brought you the best stainless steel tongs for you. So, get ready to learn everything about this kitchen tool in detail.

An Overview Of Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs

Generally, stainless steel tongs for the kitchen are tools that help in picking and serving food. It provides safety and acts as an extension of your hand. These kitchen tongs have two arms that join together at a single end. There is also a handle on the other side which is made from sturdy plastic. The role of the handle is to provide a grip during holding these tongs.

Moreover, the plastic used at the handle also protects your hand from burning. When you press the tongs together with the handle, it creates pressure on an object. As a result, these tongs hold the food or other object in position. These tongs are used for preparing, serving, and preserving food.

Cooking Concepts Stainless-Steel Tongs With Plastic Tips

Cooking Concepts Stainless-Steel Tongs with Plastic Tips are the best in terms of quality. Being a bestseller in their category, these thongs are equipped with various features making them every consumer’s first choice.

Check out the features that make these things irresistible to every consumer:

  • Heat Resistant: One of the major problems with normal tongs is heating issues. But this is not true in our kitchen tongs of stainless steel, made from durable material. These tongs are highly heat resistant and don’t cause any melt issues. You can use these tongs in higher temperatures of up to 480 °F. Moreover, the stainless steel used in this kitchen tong protects against leaking harmful chemicals into the food.
  • Sturdy Material: This tong for the kitchen provides ultimate benefits in terms of durability. It is made from extra thick stainless steel. These tong handles are sturdy plastic that works fine in different temperatures. These tongs for kitchen work on spring and smooth pull ring mechanism. The innerspring used in the tongs is durable and provides smooth functioning. You can easily clean these tongs after using them with the dishwasher. The steel that is used in this tong is corrosion-resistant. Due to their durable design, these tongs last longer than ordinary ones.
  • Extra Long Tong: Each of the tongs of this kitchen tool is of extra long size. The professional grill-shaped design lets you move the food from a distance. It protects your hand from getting in contact with fire or heated cooking utensils. Additionally, it has a non-slippery thumb rest handle that lets you hold the tongs in position. You can perform the grilling process while preventing the heat from the stove from reaching your hands. 
  • Made For Multiple Uses: The tips of these kitchen tongs are silicone. The Bisphenol A(BPA) free-coated head lets you grab the food without scratching cookware. These stainless steel cooking tongs are suitable for grilling, cooking, frying, serving, and many more. You can use it for daily cooking activities and also take it out for outdoor purposes.
  • Manual Locking Design: One of the best features of these kitchen tongs is their manual locking design. You can easily open and close these tongs during cooking or serving. It also allows you to control each of the tong’s arms manually. The opening and closing also depend on the pressure exerted by the hands. As a user, you have full control over the applied pressure when lifting food or food objects.
  • Easy To Clean: Unlike other tongs, our tong is made of pure stainless steel that is easy to clean. You can easily wash it by using soap and water. The oil stains on the tongs are easily cleaned by using warm water. These kitchen tongs will reduce your workload if you always worry about cleaning. You can use plastic, sponge, or rubber scrubber to clean these tongs.

Reasons To Buy Our Stainless Steel Kitchen Tong

Cooking concepts stainless steel tongs are considered the best in terms of quality and features. First of all, its design is sleek and fits easily in hand. It is a multifunctional kitchen tong that is used for cooking and serving food. You can use these stainless-steel cooking tongs for BBQ, grilling, and baking.

Utility Tong

It is one of the most versatile utility tongs that lets you perform multiple tasks easily. These kitchen tongs are suitable for flipping foods in boiling water and taking out hot foods from the oven and grill. The usage of silicone tips prevents damage to the cookware.

Moreover, the plastic handle lets you hold the hot items longer. This tong is the best example of a utility kitchen object that can withstand higher temperatures. Due to its long tongs, it is best for cooking and grilling food. There is also no risk of burning while cooking or grilling over an open flame.

Easy To Use

It has a manual locking mechanism that is easy to use. You can control the pressure on each of the tongs by yourself. Moreover, the steel of this tong is lightweight and allows you to pick the food items easily. These kitchen tongs are easy to use by men and women. Grab the tongs with the handle and cook or serve the food items easily.

Perfect For Serving Food 

It works perfectly for serving and plating hot food. You don’t need to buy buffet, salad, and scissor-style serving tongs separately. This serving tong lets you serve a different variety of food with ease. The front holding arms of tongs is made of high-quality plastic that works fine at a higher temperature. 

There is also a good space between each of the tongs that firmly holds a larger size of food. It fulfills the purpose of all types of serving tongs. These tongs suit your daily needs, whether it’s serving slippery cooking noodles or fried chicken pieces.

Easily Recyclable

According to the experts, good kitchen tongs are the ones that can be recycled after damage. These tongs are made from stainless steel; their metal tongs can be recycled after scraping their metal. So, when these tongs are no longer suitable, you can easily recycle them after removing their silicone and plastic parts. When you buy it, you also take care of your surrounding environment.


Regarding budget, these kitchen tongs value your money in every aspect. It is one of the most budget-friendly tongs for kitchens available in the market. Our kitchen tongs are for you if you are looking for features like heat resistance and corrosion free on a budget. It is now available at an unbelievable price of just $5.79 on the Wersiy Global website. However, its original price on other sites is $10-$15. You can grab this deal by visiting our site right now.


Kitchen tongs of stainless steel ensure safety while cooking. It is a multi-purpose kitchen tool widely used for cooking, grilling, and serving food. Moreover, it is easy to clean and keeps your hand safe from burning. You can shop this amazing cooking concept for stainless steel tongs on our website. 

Wersiy Global selects each of these products after proper testing regarding quality and durability. These tongs contain all the abovementioned features in the post, so you know that you are buying the best in the market. You can get a complete overview of this product on our site, along with images. Once you order it, we will ensure to deliver it as soon as possible. Order your kitchen tongs now!

Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal length of tongs for the kitchen is 12 inches. This size length ensures your hand’s safety while cooking and serving the food.

You should consider the following features while buying tongs:

  • Ease of cleaning
  • Locking mechanism
  • Non-stick coating
  • Size of tongs
  • Material used

The best material for tongs is stainless steel. It has many benefits: corrosion-free, heat resistant, easy to wash, and durable. It would help if you only buy tongs of stainless steel.

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