How To Use Cooking Concepts Can Opener And Maintain It?

We often face problems while trying to unlid the stubborn can. Sometimes, the lid of the metallic can be tricky, and it could take you significant time to unlid it, which leads to delays in other kitchen activities. However, you can end this worry now, as a cooking can opener can help you open even the toughest can. You can finish this challenging task in a few seconds with a bit of practice.

The cooking can openers are a basic necessity of a kitchen. These are convenient to use and sometimes even better than electric can openers. But, one might not be sure of how to use a cooking concepts can opener

So, let us help you with that! You will find everything in this post, from effectively using a can opener to its maintenance. 


How To Use Cooking Concepts Can Opener?

It is always good to look for a guide whenever you’re confused about how to use something. In the case of can openers, they’re not at all difficult to use. Still, to stay safe from accidents, you must know how to use the cooking concepts can opener correctly.    

So, here are the steps to follow while using a can opener. Let’s understand this one by one.

Step 1: Open The Arms Of The Can Opener

Widen the arms of the can opener to clutch its cutting edge. Hold the arms of the can’s opener with both hands and smoothly draw the arms aside. The can opener’s arms will gently lock in the open position. 

Now, keep the opener’s arms open only when you stick it to the can, not the time of use. Also, place the can on a plain surface while using the can opener or clutch it in the air.


Step 2: Keep The Cutting Portion Of The Opener At The Lid Of The Can

You can find the cutting edge of the can opener alongside the axle, the handle, and the jagged wheel that holds the rim of the can’s lid. 

It is essential to fix the cutting edge of the can opener right at the top, and you can find the jagged wheel in the circular portion of the rim. 

Also, the position of holding the handles matters as they are responsible for adjusting and turning the can opener.


Step 3: Force, The Can Opener’s Arms, To Penetrate The Lid Of The Can

Now, press together the holding handles of the can’s opener. It will exert pressure from the cutting edge of the can’s opener to the lid of the jar. When the cutting edge penetrates the can’s surface, you will hear the hissing sound of the broken cover. 

Sometimes, the metal is too rigid, or the can is complicated, so it may require both of your hands to complete the procedure.


Step 4: Adjust The Handle Of The Opener To Turn The Cutting Outline Around The Lid

Get down your hands and use one hand to grasp the can opener and the other to turn its handles clockwise. This way, the jagged wheel twists around the can’s edge because the cutting edge of the can’s opener moves and penetrates through the can. Keep this procedure until most of the lids get separated and only a small portion remains attached.

Sometimes, when you don’t exert enough pressure on the lid, it gets challenging to puncture it. Also, you should keep it running until the whole lid comes out. At that time, one has to detach the can opener and begin the process again.


Step 5: Uplift The Can’s Lid From To Remove It

When the can’s lid gets open, open the arms of the opener and place it away from the jar. Then, pick a knife or use your fingernails to safely pry the can’s lid upward to see the contents. 

Pull out the content of the can and discard or recycle the can. Do this procedure with caution and see you will not get hurt by a severed lid or sharp edge of the can. 


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Care And Maintenance Of Cooking Concepts Can Opener

The manual can openers need proper care and maintenance for better functioning. Let’s see their maintenance tips for better durability and long-lasting performance.

Proper Cleaning 

Always uses a sponge or soft cleaner to wash the can opener. The components of the can openers, like gears, handles, blades, or wheels, should be adequately cleaned with soap and water. 

Also, one can use a toothbrush or scrub brush to clean some tough spots of can openers like gear and blades. 

After cleaning the can opener, wipe it with a dish towel and leave the arms of the can loosely to dry them. Dry the can completely to prevent rust and then store it safely.

Keep It In a Safe Place

Always keep the can opener in a safe and dry place. Avoid placing the opener in the dishwasher or the moisturized area because it can cause gears to rust. 

Also, dishwashing detergents can dull the potential of blades, which impacts the opener’s performance.

Remove Gunk Or Rust

If your opener has accumulated gunk or is rusty, soak it in apple cider or white vinegar solution for some hours in a container. Rub the gear with a cleaning brush or toothbrush, then clean it with hot water. 

Also, you can timely apply a few drops of food-grade mineral oil to the can’s gear with a dishcloth.

Electric Vs. Cooking Concepts: Reasons To Consider Manual Can Opener Over An Electric One

When you look for can openers online, you can pick either a manual can opener or the electric one. While both products have the same use, it ultimately comes to what you’re seeking from your can opener. 

Undoubtedly, electric can openers are more expensive than manual can openers. However, manual can openers are not only about their price. So, let’s see what makes the manual can openers suitable for your kitchen. 


The cooking concept can openers have fewer complex parts. Their components are rigid as they are made of solid metal that enhances durability. 

However, ensure you keep manual can openers away from water or moisture, as they can become rusty. 

Ease of Use 

Cooking concepts can openers are fundamental and easy to use. At the same time, the electric can openers are also simple, but only when you know how they perform. You might have difficulty using cooking can openers for the first time, as they need a bit of force to cut and twist the stubborn can.

While on the other hand, the electric can opener is simple as it requires a few steps to complete the process with no pressure. Place the can into the opener to lock it, and then turn on the switch to cut the lid off. But the large and heavy can is suggested to be opened by electric can openers.


One essential thing to consider is the care and maintenance both openers require. It is easy to maintain and clean the cooking can opener by washing it with soap and rinsing it under the tap. 

On the other hand, cleaning electrical can openers is done with caution. One has to wipe the outline, blades, and nearby area gently.

So, ultimately, cleaning manual can openers is easier than electric ones.

The Best All-Purpose Manual Cooking Can Opener

If you don’t own a can opener already, you should look for one that promises durability, convenience, and affordability. Your browser will show you a long list of manual can openers. And, seeing that long list of can openers, it is common for you to get overwhelmed. 

However, worry not! Wersiy Global is here to present you with the best cooking can opener. Our product has all the things you seek from a manual can opener. Let’s see what you are getting by purchasing our affordable yet durable cooking concepts can opener.

Cooking Concepts Black Plastic Grip Can Opener

Wersiy Global manual can opener has a metallic portion that is electroplate plated with rust-proof components. This opener is a very durable product that is tough to break. Its parts, like flexible gear and sharp blades, coordinate well. Using our product, you can easily cut the can’s lid in one go without leaving any toothed edge on the inside.

Each of the handles and turning parts of this opener is shielded with smooth rubber plastic that gives comfort to our hands while holding it. It will not even slip from your hands if they are spoiled or wet. Its turning knob is easy to carry and handle as it has ample space to get fit in fingers which won’t require much effort to turn it. So, anyone can use the cooking concepts can open.

The great thing about this tool is that it works as a can opener but also helps to lift the bottle’s lid with the attached magnet. Also, sometimes this built-in magnet works as a storage device by sticking to the refrigerator. It is an ideal can opener for all opening cans, regardless of size, shape, and type.



The cooking concept can opener is a primary tool usually found in the kitchen. These can openers are used to cut or pierce the lid of the can. Unlike electric can openers, these do not require power or electricity; it is the go-to can opener for each can at every time. 

If you want to buy this can opener for your kitchen, Wersiy Global is the place for you. You can shop this fantastic cooking concept can opener on our website. We keep our products on sale only after adequately analyzing their durability and quality. 

And these cooking concepts can openers are also up to mark in terms of quality and durability. You can get the complete info about our product on our website, so check it out and order it now! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can open a can using sharp items like a knife or blade if you don’t have a can opener. Pick the opener blade and penetrate it into the cover of the lid or grasp the can steadily and swing the knife’s handle back and forth to begin cutting across the can. Continue this process until the lid opens, or you can pull the content out.

Follow these steps for a safe experience with cooking concepts can opener: 

  • Keep the can on a plain surface
  • Widen the arms of the can opener. It separates the notched feed wheel and sharp cutting wheel 
  • Align the two wheels
  • Press the can opener’s both arms 
  • Twist the bar clockwise
  • Carefully pry off the lid

Spread and raise the arms of the can opener. After that, line up the wheel with the rim of the can. Then, press down the can opener to make the wheel pierce on it, and twist its handle to turn the can opener to cut it open. Now, let the can rotate or turn all around the can opener and then release it. Finally, safely pull out the lid to draw out the contents of the can. 

Sometimes the functioning of the can opener gets slowed down because of inadequate care and maintenance. That is why it is essential to lubricate or clean the can opener periodically to avoid its slow functioning in the future. So, pull the can opener from the wall holder and clean its components with a mild detergent or toothbrush. Later lubricate it with white and light oil lubricant for smooth functioning. 

The can opener has three essential components: 

  • the turning bar on the can opener (axle and wheel)
  • the cutting portion is a wedge
  • and the hinged handles are called levers.
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