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Infrared Digital Thermometer: Specifications, Features, Uses

The best kind of infrared digital thermometer is the one that helps you take the temperature from a distance. WERSIY GLOBAL, a point-and-shoot or no-contact type of digital thermometer, is perfect for checking body temperature. Not only does our thermometer show correct measurements, but it also saves you from catching an infection from another person. Furthermore, It also lowers the risk of spreading infection from one person to the other.      

So, if you are looking for a thermometer that is made using high-quality material for longer life, our 3-in-1 non-contact thermometer is an all-rounder and shows the exact temperature through infrared technology. You can use our thermometer to measure the temperature of people of all ages, from babies to adults. Moreover, you can also check the baby’s ear temperature to know what his accurate temperature is. 

Let’s check what makes WERSIY Global thermometer an ideal choice for you and your family. 

Why It’s The No.1 Pick 

The first major thing about this product is that our infrared thermometer is FDA-approved. Therefore, while using this digital thermometer, you don’t have to worry about it not being safe around kids. Also, our thermometer is built using the highest quality material to offer you a product that lasts long and provides accurate results. The thermometer also offers ease of use with its efficient hand-held design. 

In addition, our certified product features high-grade sensors that check the temperature of the body with its infrared technology. Our thermometer works better than other types of thermometers. It also lets you stay at a distance from the patient so you don’t catch the infection. Besides confirming your safety, our thermometer has advanced features and many positive reviews from satisfied customers. 

Our effective digital thermometer is the No.1 choice of all moms and doctors. Besides that, this medical-grade thermometer is the best for checking the temperature of people from every age group. So, whether you have kids or someone aged in your home, you can buy this product and experience the same results.

Specifications Of Our Digital Infrared Thermometer

Besides being a trusted product, it has some great specifications that make it the perfect choice. These specifications include the following:


Fast And Accurate Reading

Our infrared thermometer offers quick and accurate readings on a clear digital screen. You can use it to measure the temperature of friends, babies, and family members without making physical contact. Since it is a smart thermometer, it has different modes of working. It has an easy switch mode between adults and kids that can be used by simply pressing the front button of this device. Furthermore, it is used to measure the temperature of different parts of the body.


Easy To Hold With Effective Grip

This thermometer comes with a holding section that offers a great grip for the user. The non-harmful electromagnetic radiation allows the non-contact temperature readings. Our product offers temperature readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, which you can notice on the smart display of this thermometer. Moreover, the outer surface of this device can even measure room temperature.


Safe Distance Temperature Measure

Our truly non-contact device helps measure the body’s temperature by keeping a safe distance of 3-5 cm from the patient’s body. With its cutting-edge magnetic tip, the device can read the temperature reading accurately and with ease. Even medical professionals and doctors use our thermometer as their go-to temperature-measuring device. You can even watch this device’s battery thanks to its smart display. 


Easy Temperature Measure Of The Ear

A great thing about this infrared thermometer is you can also use it to check the ear temperature of a person. Firstly, you need to detach the magnetic tip from the device, so you can enable the temperature measuring from the ear feature. You will obtain the accurate temperature results from this method within one minute. So, if you have kids in your house and don’t want to disturb their sleep, you can use this feature to take their ear temperature. 


Highly Portable With A Durable Design

This temperature-measuring device comes with a durable build and attractive design. Besides that, you can easily carry it in your pockets when you travel or plan outings with your friends and family. So, whatever your pocket size is, our device will fit in it. It is equipped with a battery case at the back. Moreover, you get single-scan and environmental temperature readings from this device.


Comes With Multiple Color Displays

Our advanced infrared thermometer comes with four color displays. Different colors allow you to know the reading’s range. The colors such as light blue means standby, green shows normal range, yellow means pay attention, and red indicates the person has a fever. So, the color ranges from green to red to show normal to cautious temperature.                      

Key specification of infrared digital thermometer:

  • Clinical & Medical-Grade Accuracy: ±0.4%, or tolerance of ±0.4°F
  • Thermometer Certifications:  Clinically accurate & FDA-Approved
  • Responding time: 1 second [instant-read]
  • Distance: Up to 3-5 cm for accurate measurement
  • Screen: Backlit LED screen with different lights for easy readings
  • Fever alarm: the screen glows red when the body temperature is high

Features And Uses Of Our Infrared Thermometer

So, now you know what specifications our digital thermometer processes. From that, you will have an idea of what our product can do for you. Next, let’s look at its features and various uses, which make it a must-have device.  

Battery Life & The Build Quality 

Our thermometer runs on batteries, so you don’t have to worry about battery drainage. It carries a battery case on its backside, so you can easily change the batteries. After inserting batteries, you can forget about changing them for a long time. It uses less battery, so even when you use the thermometer every day, you won’t have to change the batteries any time soon. The display of the thermometer shows the remaining battery so that you can check the temperature without any worries.  

And when it comes to quality, our digital thermometer is made using the best quality material. So when you hold it, you won’t feel like it will break with just your touch. It comes in a very attractive and portable design, making it easy for you to carry the thermometer while traveling. Furthermore, it is easy to fit our thermometer in different types of pockets.

Ease Of Use

The digital temperature is also very easy to use. You just have to point it in the right direction, and it will scan the temperature of the individual using its electromagnetic radiation. The thermometer is battery-powered, so you just have to put in the batteries, and you are good to go. With no setup required, you can start using the thermometer right after you take it out of the box. 

WERSIY GLOBAL thermometer offers fast and accurate temperature measurement with the help of infrared technology. You can check babies, family members, and everyone’s body temperature without coming in contact with any individual. The smart infrared thermometer has four color displays. Each color has a different meaning, making it easier for you to understand things. 

The four colors indicate the range from normal to sick. The blue screen displays standby mode, and the green shows normal temperature. While the yellow screen means you have to pay attention to the individual’s body temperature. In contrast, the red color represents high body temperature or fever.


Our infrared thermometer uses electromagnetic radiation to check the accurate body temperature. The thermometer is a true non-contact gadget that helps you measure the individual’s body temperature by placing it 3-5 cm away from the body. All in all, it offers exact reading and is trusted by many doctors. 

The thermometer is also perfect for checking the body temperature through the ear. You need to remove the magnetic tip of the device to allow the thermometer to check the temperature through the ear. The features help you show the temperature in less than a minute. You can use this feature to check the temperature of a sleeping child without disturbing their sleep.


WERSIY GLOBAL infrared digital thermometer has many specifications and features, making it a perfect device for general and professional use. Our team has designed this product considering the things people expect from a thermometer. 

If you want to buy our infrared thermometer that fulfills all your needs, visit us today. We try to offer our products at the best prices while prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction. Order Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you use them correctly, you will get the same results as oral thermometers. They are easy to use and follow a contactless approach.

One of the primary uses of an infrared thermometer is to measure the temperature of an object from a distance. So, in case you cannot measure the temperature normally, you can use this device.

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