Trolink Smart Camera Voice Control With 1080p And 4K Recording

If you’re a parent, your biggest concern is how your children and pets are behind your back. While it’s not possible to stay with your loved ones all the time, tracking their activities through a smart camera is possible.

Wersiy Global offers you Trolink smart camera, which comes with a voice control feature as well as 4K recording. This camera can give you relief since you can track your kids and pets even if you’re far away from your home at your workplace.

So, what are the specifications of this camera? Is its voice feature trustable? How can you set it up inside your home? If you have these types of questions in your mind, get all your answers about Trolink cameras in this post.

Let’s start by understanding the general overview of this smart voice-control home security camera.

Overview of Wersiy Global Trolink Smart Camera

Before we jump into the specifications of this voice control home security camera, we should understand what this camera offers by going through its general specifications.

Trolink Camera Overview:

Name of the CameraWeb Camera
Special FeaturesFace detection, Human motion tracking, Voice control, Night vision,… 
StyleWeb camera, Mini camera
Brand NameTrolink
FunctioningAlarm, sound detection, Two-way audio,…
ClassificationNight vision
Options for Data StorageMicro SD card, SD card, Cloud, Full HD
MemoryCan support upto 128GB SD card (Not part of the final product)

So, this was a general overview of Wersiy Global Trolink Trolink Smart Camera. From that, you can figure out whether this camera matches your needs. For sure, this home security camera has everything if your primary concern is your child’s safety. Not only are you getting 4k recording, but this camera’s two-way voice feature works like a charm.

Now, as you’re aware of its general characteristics, let’s jump into its various and unique specifications. 

Specifications Of Trolink Smart Camera + Features To Look Out For

Look at the next table to learn about the specifications of Wersiy’s home security camera:

Pixel720p, 1080p, and 2K
Humidity 10% to 80% 
Temperature-10°C to 55°C
Power SupplyDC 12V 2A

Now, talking about the Trolink security camera specification, here are some of the unique selling points of our smart home security device:

  • A smart home camera with Wi-Fi support: You get complete Wi-Fi support with this Trolink smart camera. Access all your camera recording via cloud support thanks to this security camera, which functions on Wi-Fi.
  • Trolink App support: Simply connect your camera with the Trolink app, which is totally compatible with this device. You can watch live footage by opening the app and tracking your children and kids.
  • You have the support of QR code scanning: To make setting up the camera easier, this camera box comes with a QR code on its back. Simply scan it with your mobile device and get directed toward the download link of the Trolink app.
  • Wide angles of 135° Directional and 85° Horizontal.
  • 5 m of distance coverage with Infrared night vision.
  • Complete support of motion detection, TF card storage (up to 128 GB), monitor intercom, cloud storage, mobile phone control, and remote viewing.  
  • Come with an adapter type DC5V 1A.
  • You can move the Trolink smart camera 355° horizontally and 70° vertically.
  • Mobile tracking support is available.

Now, you are aware of our Trolink Smart Camera specification. With this, let’s explore the features of this home security camera’s features in more depth to understand why you should consider buying it.

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Features Of Our Trolink Smart Camera (With Images Included)

Let’s know all the features of the Wersiy Global home security camera one by one using images so you know what you’re purchasing to justify its investment.

Small-Size Camera With Smart Voice Control Of Google Home And Alexa


This Trolink Smart Wi-Fi camera offers excellent convenience with its small size. You can place this camera anywhere in your home without taking up much space. On top of that, you can control this camera with voice control as it supports not only Alexa but also Google Home. Furthermore, you would not want to miss the 1080p pixels this smart camera generates, giving out a panorama view of the place where it is placed. 

Our Trolink camera has an intelligent IR system, which means it can automatically manage the intensity based on whether it is night or day. While you can track your children’s and pets’ activities via this camera, it can also perform its duty as well as a security camera. If we talk about its convenient size, it is 11 cm in height with 6 cm in width. These perfect dimensions make this smart security camera suitable for all kinds of rooms.

Big Storage Support With Extreme Flexibility

A great thing about this home security camera is that its camera section offers 110° wide-angle coverage. Furthermore, with this great angle flexibility, its vision can cover up to 25 feet of distance. You can access the speaker on its back, which provides two-way audio support. As previously mentioned, it has Wi-Fi support of up to 2.4GHz. This means you can easily control this security camera with your smartphone as it comes with mobile support.

If you ever want to access playback videos, recordings, and images, you can do that with a single click from your phone. If you roll the camera in front, an SD card slot will appear to you. Our Trolink smart camera can give you convenient support of 256 GB of storage.

A High Resolution Recording Of 720p, 1080p, As Well As 4K


From the Trolink app, you can decide on what type of resolution you want for your camera recording. By doing some settings, you can get top-quality video resolutions of 720p and 1080p. Furthermore, you can choose a 4K recording resolution if required. 

While we are talking about this camera resolution, we should not forget its fantastic motion capture feature. Our home security camera works 2x faster compared to other security cameras in the market when it comes to motion capturing. 

You can enjoy clear communication with your children or elderly at home thanks to this camera’s front mic and backside speakers. Furthermore, as you’re getting top video quality and audio features, you can leave your house indoors, recording and tracking to our Trolink security camera.

Convenient Cloud Storage Feature With Easy Voice Conversation


Don’t want to rely on an SD card to record videos on your camera? You will love our security camera cloud storage feature! You can always access this cloud storage to check video recordings your camera has done till now. Furthermore, our Trolink camera offers support for both iCloud and Google cloud services to make things easier for you. 

So, while you’re sitting idle or want to browse some old recordings, you can do it all with this online cloud feature. You simply have to connect this baby monitor camera to your cloud storage account. Then, you will be able to access all the online features of this camera.

You get enhanced voice conversation features with this two-way duplex audio cam. We have created this home security cam with the best equipment so as to prevent breaking sound conversations. Enjoy daily error-free two-way communication with your kids, pets, and loved ones by investing in this multi-functional Trolink smart camera.

Wide Vertical And Horizontal Views For A Flexible Surveillance                                                   


It is always good if your home security camera offers flexibility to cover every corner of the room. Our Smart camera voice control provides a 355° horizontal view. And you also get a 70° vertical view with this smart camera. 

Our camera is accompanied by in-built IR, which can capture top-quality visuals even at night. Furthermore, this security cam can control the intensity of these rays itself. You will find installing our Trolink smart camera easy since it has screw mounts. 

Get a Wi-Fi range support of 100 meters. Not to mention the 2.4 GHz support that helps with connecting your security cam with your Wi-Fi.

Easy To Place With Micro SD Card And Micro-Jack Support



Our Trolink smart camera doesn’t take up much space inside your house. You can place this cam on your home table or places where it cannot be accessed by your pets or children. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about its stability since our cam comes with a strong base that can easily maintain the camera position without facing any issues.

Turn the camera to see its backside, as you will find the slot to insert the SD card. Also, there will be a spot for inserting the micro-jack cable. Use external cables and storage cards to utilize these spots effectively. 

You will not find any problems with our speakers, as we have maintained their quality using top-notch duplex speakers. So, by investing in this home security camera, you’re not only getting an attractive cam. Instead, it is packed with various advanced features that make home surveillance easy as well as practical.

A Straightforward Installation For A Full-Proof Home Security Cam


Our team at Wersiy Global wants to end the tension and worries that occur in parents because of their child’s safety. For that reason, we have dedicated this security camera, especially for baby monitoring, so you, as parents, know what your child is doing. We have kept the installation process of this camera fairly easy, so anyone who wants to use this baby monitoring camera can install it.

You need to follow the following steps in order to complete the installation of this smart baby monitoring camera with voice control. However, when this camera arrives, ensure to check if its box contains all the essential items needed to finish the installation.

  • Start by scanning the QR code present at the back of the box. 
  • Then, once you’re on the Trolink smart app, click on the installation button.
  • Next, it’s time to start the device and connect it to your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Finally, open the app to monitor the things on the camera.

In case there are some missing parts in the box, you can connect with our customer care. Or, if the device is not working or responding, do the same.

HD Recording Quality, Whether It Is Day Or Night


Our Trolink smart security camera has everything you can ask for, making it all in one security camera. It is supported by two million pixels that guarantee quality video recording. You will not find monitoring on your camera hard even during the night because of the HD night vision this camera offers. 

Through this Trolink camera’s constant stable performance, you will not miss even a single thing happening on the camera. So, what is stopping you from purchasing this home security camera?

Crystal Clear Two-Way Voice Conversation                        


Last but not least, you can use this smart camera to talk to people using the Trolink application. This camera’s inbuilt speakers make two-way conversation possible. When using this feature, you will feel like you’re on a video call with your family members and children.

You can monitor your kids, pets, and family members and talk to them at the same time. So, if your kids need guidance on anything, or you want to tell them something, just open the application and tell them whatever you need.

You can connect this baby monitoring camera to your iOS and Android devices.


So, this was everything about our smart camera with voice control. Our experts at Wersiy Global have designed this baby monitoring camera for the security purposes of your home as well as for monitoring your elderly, children, and pets.

It is always good to invest in a home security camera that not only packs features but also gives surety about the safety of the users. You can get all these features in a single cam by paying just $27.99. Don’t miss this splendid deal when it is available at this discounted price. Order now by visiting Wersiy Global Supplies! 

Frequently Asked Questions

If your Trolink camera is not working, then you need to verify whether your Wi-Fi router is disconnected or powered off. In case you notice this, let your router take some time to recover. Wait for around 2 minutes and then see if the device is online or not. If your camera is still not working, check if someone has changed the Wi-Fi name or password. Also, check if there is a new router.

Firstly, connect your cam to a power source in order to turn it on. Then, open the Trolink application and click on the “+” icon in the top right to add your device. Confirm whether the cam is in the net-pairing stage.    

No, you cannot operate the Trolink camera without a stable network connection. So, to make your Trolink camera work, you will need a compatible mobile device, the Trolink application, and finally, a stable Wi-Fi connection.

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